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Welcome to Carole's Doll's House

The Lounge

The Lounge

This is the room the front door opens into (well it would if it could open).There are wooden beads on the mantelpiece and three large beads glued together make the vase on the hearth I used t shirt transfer paper and thick felt to make the rug but it's come out flatter than I expected.

The picture with its cardboard frame and Frank's newspaper are computer printoffs as is the wallpaper. The cushions I made from my husbands old shirts because I liked the colours.. The tv has got to go and I want to replace the picture with a family photo.

the chimmney
I made the chimmney out of cardboard and it started off on the back wall but when I changed the furniture it wouldn't fit so I had to move it. Wouldn't it be nice if real life D.I.Y was that easy. The hearth is half a full size tile I had.
Young Benjamin has been crayoning with pencils made from cocktail sticks but is now about to eat a stolen piece of cake.
laundry rack
The laundry rack was cobbled together out of thin wood (from an old coaster) and bamboo skewers, the items hanging on it were made from disposable cleaning cloths drawn on with felt tip pens.
My grandaughter aged four made the red and green one..
sewing basket

I got the idea for the sewing basket from a library book by Venus Dodge, it's made from tapestry canvas.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

I struggled with this room, it is just so small. I couldn't get the unit's to fit properly (because of the ridge around the floor) until I thought of putting a tiled shelf behind them. The wallpaper is real, the staircarpet is a thick ridged wallpaper too. I used it to widen the staircase.The clock is a spare plate with a printoff face, oops I think it's stopped.

Can you tell that the cannisters and plates on the top shelf are made from photo paper? I printed them from here.

The salt and pepper mills are beads and wire.

middlmum's miniatures

the cannisters



All the packets, bags and wall tiles are computer printables. You can find lots of dollhouse grocery printies at

contact Carole

the table
On the table are my first attempts at making food. I used bread dough for the fruit and flan and sticky felt pads (the type you put under things to stop them scratching furniture) for the cake and sandwiches,
The table is set for tea for the children and grandma who will be arriving shortly to babysit.
The Nursery And Bathroom

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