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Carole's Doll's House

The Nursery

I love this room although it took me three attempts to get the look I wanted.
The wallpaper is computer printed again. I got the design from here

See the toy horse on top of the wardrobe, he's a cake decoration.
The rug is a piece of my crosstitch embroidery and little beads
are the basis of the building blocks, cot mobile and clown puppet.
There is no space to put out the train, boxed at the end of the bed.I need a bigger house!

The Nursery

The dresser was a spare pine one I had, a lick of white paint was all it needed to fit right in. I knitted the blankets but will do them again in finer wool, the chair needs a cushion too.

Baby Jennifer has had a nap but wants to play now.

The dresser
cute pooh bear lamp


My cute pooh bear lamp is really a charm for a mobile phone, while the clown is a single earring.

The name samplers on the wall, printoffs of my grandchildrens names, are framed with matchsticks painted with nail varnish.


The Bathroom

The wallpaper in this room is a computer printout, I used some to make the window blinds and pictures on the front wall.
The floor mats came out well, they are lengths of string glued to card and coloured with felt tip pens.
The loo roll holder is a button and bit of wire. The loo roll is..well loo roll!
The bottle in here, as well as others around the house, is made from an electric plug cover, the plastic thing that protects the prongs, with a bead cap and some coloured tissue inside.
I'm not happy with the shower rail or curtain yet...can do better and I still need an actual shower and more things on the shelves.

The Bathroom

My first ever home made item is the
laundry bin made from cork rings,
toothpicks and string.

middlmum's miniatures


laundry bin
novelty bottle stopper

I think the little beach house cabinet
fits in well, it's a novelty bottle stopper
with the cork removed,


The Landing

Well I've managed to put clashing wallpaper and stair carpet here, will change this and give the stairs the same treatment as the ones in the kitchen.

The corner cupboard (a present from my daughter) fits well and I think the wooden beads I found make interesting 'ornaments'

The cute teddy is made from a pipecleaner, I liked him so much I made a few for the nursery too.
Find the instructions to make your own here

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The Landing

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The Study and the Bedroom

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