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Carole's Doll's House

The Bedroom

master bedroom
The master bedroom wallpaper is from this website .
The lady of the house, is seated at her dressing table, her seat is made from a covered
empty cotton reel.I redressed the bed and knitted the blanket. The coat hanger was a paper clip once,
while the handbag is a bit of plastic fabric with a jewellery finding clasp.
I created a quiet corner in the room with the chess set, as with two children in such
a small house I thought it was needed.

doll at mirror
Judy, the lady of the house, is getting ready to go out to dinner, it's her wedding anniversary, there are chocolates, flowers and wine around the house.


Home Sweet Home

The little sampler above the bed reads

"Home Sweet Home''

The bedroom looks so cosy when the lamps are turned on.

flowers on the dresser
The flowers on the dresser are pretty beads with some of those twist ties that come with plastic bags for leaves.


The Study

the study
I would like this study in my own house, the wallpaper is offcuts from my own kitchen. I made the blotter with a thin leather cover from an old diary and a piece of sugarpaper. The plant in the jardinere (right) is
made from florists wire.The skittles are from a novelty shop and are there because we used to bowl a lot
The map, calender, file boxes and books are all computer printoff's.

The cute little laptop and mobile phone came all the way from China.
I need a bit more clutter in here.


I made the pinboard from felt fabric and cardstock, the notes etc. are pinned on with dressmakers pins with the excess length clipped off the back before it was hung.

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middlmum's miniatures

The cheeseplant is a single full size artificial leaf cut up and glued to wire, I used a cork for the pot which came from the bottle stopper in the bathroom (nothing gets wasted)The blue vase is just two matching beads stuck together

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