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The American Style Dollhouse

Here are photos of the American style version of the same house.


This house was made for a child.
The staircase is not so intricate, and there are no windows in the gable ends. The outside is painted

This version of the dollhouse is easier to make and is also cheaper, as there are no hinges to purchase.
There are only 5 windows.

The shutters on the front of the house are made from paint stir sticks, scrounged from my local paint store.

open back house


wholehousefrom back


For the American , open back style Dollhouse

To save the Cutting Plan to your computer.

Right click >select >save image as

/dollhousecutting plan


open back dollhouse

You can see from the photograph that there is lots of room in this dollhouse.This one has two bedrooms and a good sized hallway on the second floor and a bathroom and two more bedrooms on the third floor
As you can see, you can cut out part of the back roof to expose the third floor. Using the third floor is optional. You can always open the roof in the future if you want to




The kichen cupboards, the stove and the refridgerator were all made from wooden tea boxes which can be found at many Dollar stores.

The handle on the fridge is the clip from a cheap ball point pen.

The rug is cut from an old placemat. I fringed the ends and then I sprayed it with spray starched and ironed it so that it lays very flat.


My friend had me make this for her niece.

We were so lucky that, at that time, a local dollar store was selling unpainted wood dollhouse furniture.

I made the sofa and leather lazy boy chair for the living room, see the sofa tutorial here.

Most all the rest of the furniture cost $1 each. You've gotta love the $ store! Unfortunately they haven't had dollhouse furniture lately.

All of the in this dollhouse wallpaper is from my other website.
Jennifer's Free Printable Wallpaper


Second floor Master bedroom

Second floor Master bedroom

Second floor Girls bedroom
The little half wall at the right is removeable

baby room

Third floor baby's room and boy's bedroom

Third floor bathroom
Third floor bathroom



Second floor Landing


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Photos of the Interior

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