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Finishing the Interior of the Dollhouse



This picture shows where I placed the interior walls. The small bathroom is in the middle of second floor, I put the wall across 6 inches from the dollhouse front. At the bottom of the page is
Cutting Plan 2 for the Interior walls.
PLEASE MEASURE YOUR OWN DOLLHOUSE to make sure the height measurement for your dollhouse walls is the same mine.

Make the appropriate adjustments on the printable cutting plan if your measurements are different. I made the main floor walls not as deep as the second floor walls. You can decide for yourself what depth you want.

I hope you remembered to save the triangular pieces of plywood that you cut off to make the peak on the gable end. These are the perfect size for dividing walls on the third floor. Just glue two pieces together.

Cut out a door from cardstock, and glue it on the wall. This will cover where the two pieces of wood join.

To make an inner door, just paint the wall where the door will be, make a frame from balsa wood, or any strips of wood. Add a 'door knob bead'.
I use some gold peel and stick for the backplate.

You need to cut a notch in the top for a roof beam.
The third floor can be divided into 2 or 3 rooms

fake bannister
I made a sort of fake bannister on the third floor to make it look like stairs come up there.No need to build a staircase because it would not be seen behind the bathroom wall

tird floor

I like to put a short wall at the back of the 3rd floor.
The Cutting Plan 2 (below) has 2 pieces of wood 51/2 inches high for this purpose.

These walls can be glued onto the floor and roof eaves


Of course I use the Printable Wallpaper from my
Jennifers Printables.com web site
I print out my wallpaper on card stock.
I used to use an all purpose glue to stick the wallpaper to the wall. I changed my mind about that method and now use a glue stick
You can see now why it is advisable to make the middle floor removable. It is much easier to apply the wallpaper when it is out of the way.

swatchesof wallpaper
These are are some of the wallpapers used in this dollhouse.



First draw the outline of a door on each wall, then paint the 'door' inside the outline. Think carefully about how the walls go into the doll house. The doors have to be seen on the bedroom walls, the other side of the door is hidden by the back bathroom room wall.
The bathroom wall needs a door too.

Next, wallpaper the walls. This is quite easy to do. You can paper right over the window openings, then after the paper is dry, simply cut out the window. Cut the wallpaper around where you have painted a door.

I take the second floor out to make wallpapering easier. After you have wallpapered, take some narrow strips of balsa glue a frame around the door. Finally glue a piece of gold paper and a gold bead to resemble the door knob.


The bathroom is only 6 inches wide.

The back bathroom wall sits along the edge of the stairs opening. Behind the wall is an imaginary second floor landing, which will not be seen.

Be sure to put the bathroom door on the correct side of the wall.

Don't do what I did on my original dollhouse.
see here

I put the door on the wrong side, so when the imaginary dollhouse people walk out of the bathroom they face a drop to the first floor.


Do the Windows Last

I use a few dots of crazy glue to secure the the clear plastic to the dollhouse.
Take your time with this job, crooked windows will drive you nuts. The same rule applies when glueing on the window frames.

especially when you are gluing on window frames.

I wrote that in big letters so that you won't repeat a mistake I made on a former dollhouse. I glued on the window frames while the house was upright. They looked great, but, when I went back later, some of the horizontal frames had shifted a tiny from the force of gravity. I had crooked window frames. Yuk!
Now I glue only on a flat surface. It means turning the dollhouse on it's end a couple of times. To ensure a tight bond,you may need to place something heavy over the windows when you glue on the frames on. I use heavy books.
I don't put the roof on the dollhouse until the last, when the rest of the house is finished. It just makes it easier to turn the dollhouse, when decorating and doing the windows.

think square

Take your time with this job, crooked windows will drive you nuts
I don't put the roof on the dollhouse until the last, when the rest of the house is finished. It just makes it easier to turn the dollhouse, when decorating and doing the windows.

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Photos of the Interior

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