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Making the Windows and Window Frames


Steel Ruler
Mitre Box
Exacto knife


To save this printable template to your computer.
Hold your mouse over the template and
select >'save image as'.

Making the Window Panes
You can, of course, use real glass for the windows. I am using clear plastic because I want to make this dollhouse as inexpensive as possible. First of all you need to cut out the clear plastic, window panes .You can use the printable template, left, as your guide.

The size is 4 5/8'' x 3 5/8''.There are 13 windows if you are putting windows in the end walls, only 5 if you are just putting windows in the front. Place the cut out plastic over the window template and hold in place with a clamp or a paperclip.

For the mullions I used ivory coloured contac paper. I cut the contac paper by peeling off the back of about 9 inches and placing it, sticky side down, on a piece of arborite.You can use anything with a smooth surface. Using the steel ruler and the knife I cut strips about 1/16'' wide. Peel these off and place them on the plastic, as mullions for the window panes using the template below as a guide.

You can also buy pinstriping from an Auto Supply store for this job, it looks great but is a lot more expensive.


Clamp or tape the clear plastic over the template to make it easy to see where the mullions go.


Making the Window Frames

Making the window frames is a big 'mini job' :- ), but it isn't difficult. You need frames for both the inside and outside of the dollhouse.

The vertical side pieces are 3 1/8 inches The top and bottom frame pieces are 4 3/4 inches frames .

The materials you choose for the frames may be different sizes from mine.As a precaution, cut the frame for one window first to make sure everything lines up. Adjust your measurements if need be.

If you have 13 windows in your dollhouse you will need to cut 26 vertical frames and 26 horizontal frames for the outside windows.
You need the 26 horizontal frames and 26 vertical frames on the inside windows of the house.
I used the miter box and mini saw for this job.

I made all the window frames at once, because it is my least favourite job and I wanted to get it over with. After I cut the window frames I painted half of the frames brown for the outer frames and half white for the inside frames.


Cutting the Window Frames

This is without a doubt the most tedious job.
I used Popsicle sticks for all of the window frames except the top horizontal piece, for this I used some 1/2'' cove molding. It gives the windows a bit of character.

If you are putting 13 windows in your dollhouse, you will need

52 horizontal and 52 vertical pieces.

vertical frame pieces are 3 1/8 inches

horizontal frame pieces 4 3/4inches

Before you cut any window frames you need to
do some measuring yourself . Make sure your window
openings are the right size for this size frame.

After I cut the window frames, I painted half of the frame brown for the exterior frames and half white for the inside frames.

Don't put the windows in until after you paint or wallpaper the interior walls
It is much easier to apply the wallpaper over the window openings and then cut out the wallpaper that has covered the window openings.It is OK to glue the interior window frames over wallpaper or paint.
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