Let's Build a Dollhouse
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Cutting Out The Windows


A yardstick
A square
A jigsaw
A steel ruler
A drill
A pencil


digram front window placement.
Diagram 1
Measure 3'' from the bottom and 3 '' from the outer edge for the first floor windows. Measure12' ' from the bottom and 3 '' from the outer edge for the second floor windows.

diagram for winow palcemnet gable
Diagram 2
Placement for the windows at the front of the house

Measure 3'' from the bottom and 5 '' from the outer edge for the first floor windows. Measure12' ' from the bottom and 5'' from the outer edge for the second floor windows.

The red line indicates where the front of the dollhouse is split.

Place the two front pieces side by side while you measure for the window placement.

The door needs to be placed in the centre of the front.

You don't have to cut an opening for the door. You can just paint that area with the door colour paint, and frame it.

Right click and select 'save as' if you want to print it out.

I have noticed that a lot of the dollhouse kits of this style do not have windows in the gable end. I suppose they are optional. The plan for this dollhouse was originally taken from the house plan for my real house, and I put the windows and doors in where that plan called for them.
I think that the windows in the ends really enhance the appearance of the house, both outside and inside. If you donít want to put windows here skip that part. The windows size is based on the size of Popsicle sticks. It is so much cheaper than using balsa wood for the window framing.

You can do the all of window framing for $1 using Popsicle sticks. Of course using balsa or bass wood or anything else you can find is acceptable, and you can make the windows whatever size you want. Diagram 1. The plan below shows the window placement for the ends.
Right click and select 'save as' if you want to print it out.


window size is 3 1/16'' x 4 1/16''


Use this as a template for the door


Once you have marked where the windows are to go, we need to cut out the windows with the jigsaw.

First drill some holes on the inside of the windows close to the corners. The holes have to be large enough for your jigsaw blade to go through.
Cut out the windows with the jigsaw.
Sand around the windows you have cut out, to smooth the edges.
For me the windows are by far the most tedious job of all. It takes a long time to cut out and frame all the windows.
You can cut down on windows, and thus cut out some work, but the windows not only look great but they let in the light. This is especially important if you don't want the expense of wiring the dollhouse right away.
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Making the Windows


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Photos of the Interior

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