Let's Build a Dollhouse
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The Floors

A jigsaw
A steel ruler
A drill
A pencil



If you are putting in a staircase, the first thing that needs to be done, is to cut out the opening, in the MIDDLE FLOOR for the stairs to go to.

Measure from the end of the middle floor 12 inches and draw a line across. Measure 2 7/8 inch from the line you just drew and draw another line across. Measure 6 inches in from the back and draw and draw a line between the other 2 lines. That sounds very confusing. Refer to the diagram and things will be clear.

plan where to cut out the stairs


We need to cut out theplace for the stairs with the jigsaw. First drill some holes on the inside of the opening close to the corners.

The holes have to be large enough for your jigsaw blade to go through. Cut out the stair opening with the jigsaw.


It is a good idea to finish the floors before you assemble the house.It is easy to add carpet later.
There all sorts of options for floor coverings, but you can start out having instant ''mini-hardwood'' floors for just a little work and hardly any money. Look at the plywood and decide which side looks the best. Start by marking along the end of each floor piece at 1/2 inch intervals.
Take something sharp and a steel ruler and score the along the wood at the 1/2 inch marks, scratch fairly deep. Score across the other way randomly, but about 8 inches apart on each 'board'
Once you are finished you can stain the floor, the stain will soak into the scored marks and your floors will resemble planked wooden floors. You can varnish the floor if you like, after the stain is dry. I don't like a really shiny floor so I apply a couple of coats of liquid floor wax.

Remember that the other side of the floor is a ceiling
Paint the underside of the second floor and third floor pieces a ceiling colour.


It's hard to see the scoring for the floor boards in the picture, but if you look really close, you can see them a little.
Paint the underside of the middle floor and third floor a ceiling colour.

If you don't have any wood stain, and don't want to buy any, shoe polish makes a nice finish on mini floors.


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Photos of the Interior

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