Let's Build a Dollhouse
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Cutting the Gable Ends


A jigsaw

A steel ruler

2 clamps

A pencil


The diagram above shows how to measure the gable ends for cutting out. To draw the triangle shape of the gable end---measure halfway across, exactly 8', at each end and draw a line up the centre. Measure 18'' up each side of the gable end and draw a line across. Now draw a straight line from the 18'' line to the centre line at the top.

Scroll down for directions on how to cut them nice and straight using a jigsaw.


Cutting a Straight Line with a Jigsaw

I am one of those people who can barely draw a straight line let alone cut one with a jigsaw, but there is a foolproof easy way to do this.You may find it easier just to study the photos. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I have attempted to explain the procedure verbally here After you have drawn the cutting line, hold the jigsaw blade at the line and make a mark where the flat part of the jigsaw sits. Next do the same where the cutting line ends, and draw a line. Clamp a steel ruler along this line. When you are cutting along the line, hold the saw snuggly against the steel ruler.
Keep your eye on the steel ruler, not the saw blade. See photo left. Don't throw out the triangular pieces that were cut off. They can be used for the inner third floor walls. For a better explanation of this technique or more hints on using jigsaws, go here.www.extremehowto.com

Once you have finished cutting the gables,
the shell of the dollhouse is all cut out.
Don't worry about the inner walls,
we will get to those later.



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Photos of the Interior

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