Let's Make a Dollhouse Plate Shelf

How to make a plate shelf to hang on your dolls house wall
This D.I.Y. Tip is from Carole

Carole lives in England and they don't have Michaels stores there. When she asked me about Michael's hutches, after seeing reference to them so often on other doll house websites, I offered to send some over to her.

When they arrived Carole's creative mind went into overdrive. She had this little plate shelf finished in no time.
All the instructions and photos in this tutorial are Carole's work

This is the Michael's hutch I decided to kit bash.

I split it into five pieces as shown


The shelf was easy, I just turned over the top piece.

The plate rack has had a shelf repositioned, then I used a cut up bamboo skewer to make the plate dividers. It looked a bit plain so I added some trim which was the throw away bits from some other dollhouse furniture kit.

The whole lot had a couple of coats of paint before I added the dividers and then another coat when tthey were in place

This is how I will dress them when they are put into the the kitchen, I just need a few more plates.

I still have the bottom of the hutch and a spare door to play with, what a bargain!

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copyright Carole Houseman 2018