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Lavender Cottage About the Dollhouse
Lavender Cottage Doll's house This doll's house is for an elderly spinster lady, Amelia Witty, and her companion/neice, Veronica Medforth, so it could be all lavender and lace.
I wanted this doll's house to look like a typical English country cottage. I decided to name it
Lavender Cottage

Interior of doll's house

On the main floor, on the right the parlor, on the left the kitchen.Upstairs Veronica's bedroom on the left, Amelia's bedroom on the right.

The Interior of Lavender Cottage.I wallpapered the the the front door to match with the roomsIf you are wondering, the loo is out back.

dollhouse before
I got this house as part of a package on e bay (it came with the one I bought for the front) It's really sturdy not thin plywood like my other house


dollhouse before

I looked at it a long time before I decided there were too many staircases and there was no way I could furnish the upper left room as it was. The house is all screwed together, no glue, so it was easy to remove the dividing wall and turn it round.

dollhouse before
I took out the upper staircase altogether, so when the door is opened it looks out onto a landing. I then added another dividing wall with a door at the inside end. I think it looks better already and now I have room for furniture
my cottage in poor condition

Here is a picture of the outside of my cottage in the poor condition it was when I bought it.

I have finished the inside so now need to make it look the part. As you can see there are bits missing and my moving the interior wall has put it right down the upstairs middle window.

I found this picture which shows how the cottage should look in it's original condition, that's not how I want it to look at all. I want a typical English country cottage.



It has taken me longer to do the exterior than it did to do the whole inside.

First I removed the porch and dormer windows and stripped off the roof tiles.

Then I blocked out the middle window and enlarged the the remaining four windows.

I used the window frames from the original front of my first house and set them into the spaces rather than fixing them to the outside.

To make the stone effect I first coated the front with a thin layer of plaster. Next the entire front was painted gray, when the paint was dry I scratched in the stone shapes.

My chimmney pots are small cotton reels painted. I made the fence and porch with bamboo chopsticks and lolly sticks.

exterio closeups

This is a closeup of my entrance, the door is an offcut of balsa wood with lolly stick trim.

I made the path from some rolled out bread dough and got quite worried when it kept shrinking and cracking as it dried however in the end it looked quite authentic, it's edged with real gravel stones.

I made the house name plaque with shrink paper, a new product for me. I got it from

The thatch is the end result of several different attempts. I ended up making it from large sheets of polystyrene (styrofoam) coated in plaster.

To get the texture I combed the damp plaster, this looks more effective than can be seen in the photo. When it was dry I painted it and then covered it with plastic netting. The netting I used came from the £1.00 shop it is intended to be put over gutters/eavestrough to keep out leaves.

The path is balast from my husbands model railway.

Flowers in the front garden
Flowers in the front garden .

Flowers in the front garden

Peeking through the bedroom windows


Peeking through the bedroom windows
Peeking through the bedroom windows

So that is Lavender Cottage all done,it might not be wholly authentic, but I think it has turned out pleasing to the eye.

I have enjoyed it's creation and learned such a lot, can't wait to start my next project.

Peeking through the bedroom windows


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