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The Parlour

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The Parlour

Here is the parlour of Lavender cottage It is a good size room measuring 19cm high, 31cm deep and 38cm wide. The floorboards are made from teak wood veneer. I cut each one with a craft knife then glued and ironed them to some strong card. Oops!I used white card then had loads of trouble darkening the cracks. Should have used brown or black card.

I polished the finished boards with wax but it's not very glossy, probably not enough elbow grease, there was a shortage of it here that day. The stairs have a carpet made from some brown tape from the haberdashers. The carpet rods aren't in yet but they will be painted cocktail sticks. The picture rail is 3 legths of bamboo skewer, 2 together like the dado rail in the kitchen with one on top.. I have gone out on a limb with the real wallpaper as it's really too large a pattern, it's a bit of an experiment really, will have to see if it works when the furniture is added.


having tea in the parlour
So now the scene is set, Amelia and Veronica are having tea with David Tennison the new local vicar.

parlour left

parlour right

Veronica has romantic feelings for David and is quite flustered in his company, so much so that she has given everyone mis matched cups. Amelia knows this and is looking on amused. The question is does David feel the same way toward Veronica?
I'm using resin figures in this house they seem to have more character than the posable ones I used in my first house and I really like them. I made the tablecloth from a disposable duster with some plastic lace on top.
I want to put something under the barometer as that spot looks a bit bare, but can't think what. I like the wallpaper so it can stay. The tea set looks too big but it said it was 1/12th on the box. The picture frame at the bottom of the stairs is made from lolly sticks with cocktail stick trim and painted gold.

the fireplace
I bought the fireplace on e bay, it originally had a white surround so I painted it, I also added the brick paper inside and I made a hearth from foamboard with a cardboard fender.

A lot of the furniture in here I bought half price from a local shop which was closing down but the bookcase was the top half of a Michael's hutch
I'm not sure if the hunting scene fits this room, I might change it. The books are printies[ from] I think they look very realistic. I crushed some real potpourri and mixed it with a little PVA to keep it in the dish.


The carpet is a Sylvia Rose creation

The carpet is a Sylvia Rose creation, she sells them on the UK ebay, and it's just perfect.
The lamp in the corner is a non working one made from beads and a bottle top.
The little sewing machine tucked under the stairs came with the accessories already fixed as well as the basket of fabric, they fill that awkward space really well.


I'm really pleased with the umbrella stand at the bottom of the stairs, I made it out of rolled cardboard covered with a pattern printed onto photo paper. It's lined with plain photo paper and I painted the rim gold.
The knitting in the basket took a lot of patience and a magnifying glass, I knitted it on dressmakers pins.

The flowers were another gift from my sister but the fruitbowl is the lid from a childs roller felt pen with some fine gold cord glued on.


I'd like another couple of pictures in this room, and some fancier cushions and more knick nacks.

I love the cute cat on the books, he's an ornament I bought from a local
charity shop for a few pence.
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